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  1. “Everything is packed, Judson,” she said.
  2.  “Hasn’t Alec come to turn the water off and get the keys?” Alec lived about a mile down the road and acted as a caretaker for the city folks when they were away.
  3. “He’s down at the lake taking the boats out of the water. He said he’d be back in half an hour.” Mabel came into the room carrying her suitcase. But she paused in surprise as she saw the bottle in her husband’s hand. “Judson!” she exclaimed, “You’re not taking a drink at ten o’clock in the morning, are you?”
  4. “You’re wrong, my dear,” he chuckled, “I’m not taking anything out of this bottle; I’m only putting something into it.” His closed hand opened, and he put two tiny white tablets on the table as he started to uncork the whiskey. Her eyes narrowed as she watched him. She had learned to dread that tone of his voice; it was the tone he used when he was planning to “put something over” in business. “Whoever broke into my closet last winter and stole my liquor will probably try it again once we are out of here,” he went on, “only this time he’ll wish he hadn’t.”

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