Taking her in hand when she won't ask for it

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  8. Makes sense. Though I wonder why guys are going for the social girls with tons of male attention. If they’re worried about looking creepy/getting blown out, the risk of rejection is way higher in that social environment, no?
  10. No, you’re thinking like a woman again. The issue isn’t how others see the guy, the issue is how the girl sees the guy (this is what a lot of marriages should realize, the entire world can think a man lowly scum, but if his wife thinks him the greatest, by gum he’s the greatest). While a shot at an outgoing girl may fail, there are plenty of signs that she won’t at least declare you a creep and reject you in nuclear fashion. Need I remind everyone of this incident? Failure? Loss? Guys can handle that. (we play sports, remember?) It’s kicking someone while their down and rubbing salts into the wound (etc etc) that is uncool and not liked. Like someone pointed out above: when a girl can have you near arrested for just talking to her, the guys are going to go for the social, talkative girls because at least they’re acting like they won’t throw you in jail.
  12. From what I’ve seen, guys’ taste seems to mature as they get older. The vast majority of teenage guys will worship the girl who looks like a stripper but (thankfully!) as they get into their 20s, they’ll start paying more attention to the pretty girls who had previously slipped under the radar. And once a guy hits 30, if he’s still paying attention to the stripper friend then he isn’t worth having anyways.
  14. No, teenagers just have so many hormones going through them they’re dying for sex. The stripper (to use a crude metaphor) is like dangling a juicy steak in front of a very hungry dog. The “under radar” girls (which is a lie, every girl is on a guy’s radar, the question is whether they stay on the radar) is like uncooked bacon. Yeah, once you cook it up the dog may prefer it, but with a choice, he doesn’t have time for all that mess. Uh… what was I talking about?
  16. The guys here could chime in. Ever asked out a total stranger girl you just randomly happened upon in the street? The so-called day game?
  18. Eh……… sort of. I have approached once or twice in a bookstore and tried to engage and at least establish a rapport but never quite closed to full on “date” or “outing” (until later). Of course, being an introvert, approaching is a lot more “costly” (in terms of energy) for me so I can’t run the numbers game, though still plenty of failures.
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  21. @escoffier
  23. “Not necessarily. I would say it is more likely that David is exhibiting the flipside/analogous behavior of the girls who only crush on frat stars, athletes and other unattainable (for them, for an LTR) alphas. That is, David is attracted, first, to these SWUGs’ “intrinsic” hotness (and let’s assume some of them are hot, pace the photos above) but also to their “contextual” hotness. ”

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