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  1. Masturbation machines -
  2. Moon-walking to safety -
  3. Forced anal inflation -
  4. Marmalade cannibalism -
  5. Electric conveyor belts -
  6. >Hitler personally burned my daddy at the stake, he did -
  7. Chambers with moving knifes shooting out at them -
  8. Roller-coasters rides straight into the ovens -
  9. A cage with a bear in that would eat you and an eagle in it to pick your bones dry -
  10. Surviving the gas chamber on 6 separate occasions -
  11. Someone being born on the floor of a gas chamber -
  12. Suffocation via shit -
  13. Guards unlocking real-life "Head-shot Honcho" achievements -
  14. Giant electric chairs designed to kill over 10,000/day -
  15. Ye 'ol lumberjack slam -
  16. Surviving the gas chambers because they ran out of gas -
  17. Contracting TB from acoustically-inclined, music-aficionado canines trained by Dr. Mengele himself to attack performers who flubbed even a single, solitary note during a performance -
  18. A girl writing a diary with 2 very different styles of handwriting while using a pen that wouldn't be invented for another few after her death -
  19. Nazi soap rendered from Jewish fat -
  20. Post-War photo-ops with totally real lampshades made of human skin & shrunken heads -
  21. Jumping from building tops with umbrellas, carry guards around like kings while they flick burning paper at your face, human toilets where guards would unload their pure, Aryan piss directly into Schomo's mouth, using his tongue as a urinal cake -
  22. A simple hole in the wall where you're forced to shove the barrel of a shotgun into, thereby forcing the barrel to miraculously bend back towards your face and pop out of the 2nd hole above so that when you pull the trigger, the bullet traverses the length of the barrel, curving back towards the user before blasting out of the business-end of the shotty and providing you with a lovely, lead face-lift as a result,- -despite violating countless laws of physics, thermodynamics, relativity, Hell, even metaphysics! -
  24. "It sounds unbelievable, but it happened." - Shoah Survivor

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