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  1. Aspergers dating site - www oasisactive com australia
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  79. I am easygoing and will try a lot of things once but not into drugs. I love watching, footy and cricket esp test cricket , I keep fit , and look after myself. Who loves camping and just getting away from everyday life.
  81. I enjoy going oit from time to time but enjoy spending time at home too. One day he sent me a message and gave me his mobile number. I'm looking for a special someone to be my lady who I will treat with kindness and respect.
  83. Oasis Active – Finding Love for Free - I am myself and seeks someone who will accept me for who I am and is looking for a genuine partner that is supportive and loving as I will be in return to him My Interests: Cooking, walking and helping others. She will drink alcohol moderately and we will drink till we are happy together I am a social drinker if that my lady will be feminine, I like femininity.
  85. What I am looking for: Someone honest and trusting who has similar interests to me. Someone who leads an active healthy lifestyle and eager to try new things. Loves to travel has a good work ethic and loves animals. Enjoys life and has a great sense of humour. Needs to love the coast and being by the beach My Interests: I enjoy the beach going out for coffee and live music. I love animals especially dogs. I love to travel and have seen a little of the world and around Australia but would love to do more in the future. I enjoy reading and bushwalking and meeting new people. I am eager to try new things and see new places. What I am looking for: My ideal partner is honest, caring friendly has a good sense of humour, is strong practical and is a regular bloke, a mans man. But ultimately an ideal is an ideal and maybe my ideal is something i havent met or thought of yet, we shall see. And more words are needed. You will be most of all awesome , an awesome man, in my eyes at least. About me: Average, happy woman that you walk past in the street and smile at. Not into drinking, partying and all that goes with it. Im intelligent , peaceful and fun loving and you havn;t met me because Im at home filling out forms like this, or reading a book or doing something else to keep myself busy. What I am looking for: really do not know what my ideal partner would be. About me: i consider myself to be a honest, sincere, loving person, who is a good listener and can be there in good and bad times and would like to find the same quantities in another person. What I am looking for: My ideal Partner must be cool, calm, easy going, and spontaneous. I seeking for a partner who enjoy travelling and love pets as much as I do, someone who is worthy of reckoning with, I desire a hard working man and does everything in moderation. A man who is spontaneous in nature and love to eat healthy food. About me: I am primary school teacher, I love cooking and watch cooking show a lot. I am easy going and live simple, I am financial stable. I am cultured and well mannered. My inner wold is nice as outer. I am fun to be with, I am honest and sincere, I rad books and love to be around kids, I enjoy walking dogs at the park on a cool evening. My Interests: Swimming, Fish n Chips, Music, Dancing, Fishing, Adventure, Travelling, Karaoke, Scuba Diving, cooking, watching Cricket, playing Piano, and Archery. I enjoy, sign language, communicating with deaf people. Art Gallery, and Amusement Parks. Fashion Exhibitions and several other. I love Yoga, and walk out ones a week. I am very good at teaching people how to swim and I love vacations. What I am looking for: My ideal partner would be affectionate, positive and nice to strangers. I think that you reap what you sow in life... I would prefer someone taller than me as a personal preference. Someone who can enjoy the journey as much as the final destination and laugh along the way. Intelligence is attractive to me but you don't have to be Einstein;- just have a kind heart. About me: Hi there. Born in Brissie and moved here 2012 for work. Two independent daughters at home. Happy with life but would like someone to share the journey. Love science, renovating, exploring new places and laughing at life. I am easygoing and will try a lot of things once but not into drugs. I have traveled and interested in doing so in the future. My Interests: Love all kinds of food - more interested whom I am dining with ;- Writing, reading and renovating. Who knows when I'll publish my book and become a millionaire? Exploring Canberra is interesting to me as most of it is new. What I am looking for: Someone sincere, caring, loyal, honest and loving. Someone who can share with my dreams and just be happy also in simple things in life. Someone caring and looking for a partner that can love him back as he is and makes him happy. Also someone who can help around the house and who is responsible. About me: Development works. I am caring, confident and looking for someone genuine to be happy with that can make me laugh and smile and share conversations with. I am myself and seeks someone who will accept me for who I am and is looking for a genuine partner that is supportive and loving as I will be in return to him My Interests: Cooking, walking and helping others. I am also passionate about doing my own ventures to do my own little things to improve life. Also like help out in charity work. I also spend quality time with my family and friends and value those who are close to me. I also like to swim and walk the beach goes. Am interested to find someone who is just themselves What I am looking for: i would love to find a spiritual christian man who looks after himself, has a job, and who,s kind, friendly, fair, loving,very positive,easygoing, caring,strong, independent,honest, pactient, has a good sense of humour, helpful, open minded, romantic, sporty person who loves having fun, loves helping people, loves going out, and loves music About me: im a pale blue eyed, medium, brown haired lady and im very Kind n nice lady, sensitive, honest, very positive, spiritual, very helpful, organised, very curious, very creative, fair, simple,very caring,easygoing, very friendly,very humourus, very loving, very understanding, generous and healthy, patcient, romantic, talkative, fun, openminded, motherly, and independent lady My Interests: love listening to music especially music with meaning to it, love dancing, love sports, love comedy, love game shows, love art, love helping and supporting people, like puzzles, love keeping healthy, love chips, pizza, spaghetti bog, n coke zero,love exersizing, like shopping, love bright shiney things, love spending time with family and friends, like spending time relaxing, love chating with people, What I am looking for: My ideal partner is a man that looks after himself. Someone who can make me laugh as I have a great sense of humour. Who loves camping and just getting away from everyday life. Trusting, loyal ,caring Someone who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Im originally a Sydney girl bit have lived in Qld for 14yrs. I come from a large close family and they mean the world to me.. I have children, my youngest, 12yr old lives with me. I love to go out to socialise, aswell as entertaining family and friends with lots of laughter and love. I love life and. I work to live,not live to work.. Life has dealt me many ups and downs but it has made me the stronger woman I am today. My Interests: I love Camping , such an awesome thing to wake up to the smell of nature all around. Coffee is my go to every morning: I have a 9month old staffy x.. They would also need to have some level of love for the geeky side of the world What I am looking for: My guy needs to be healthy, physically and emotionally. Helpful with daily duties. Spoil me coz he wants to not coz he has too. Care about how I feel and listen. Treat me as he wants to be treated. Be passionate, loving, truthful and loyal. No lies or half truths. Can laugh at himself and me. Be confident and strong. About me: From NZ, now living in Aussie. I like to be busy, being social, walks, laughs plus quiet times. Very passionate bout being with the right man. I offer loyalty, compassion, trust, support and faithfulness. I have a romantic side and like to spoil the man i am with and want him to do the same for me. My Interests: walking on the beach as the sun rises, reading my books, being with friends and socialising, laughing at not only you but me as well, watching motor racing on tv or actually being there, swimming at the beach, sunbathing with or without clothes. What I am looking for: I would like to meet a man that is honest, hardworking, sincere. I prefer a tradesman, but willing to meet any man that works. I prefer a tall at least 185cm dark hair man of slim to medium build. Facial hair or baldness doesn't worry, but no pretty-boys that spend more time in the bathroom then my self. What I enjoy most and look for in a male is a man that knows how to be a man who likes to lend but also must know how to be a gentleman as I am a little old fashion on my views of how man should treat woman. I am not employed as I have always been a homemaker and looked after my family and home, which I have always taken great pride in. My Interests: I enjoy lots different crafts. I also enjoy having a quite night at home with good company. What I am looking for: A partner for me, would be a man of kind heart, easy going , gentle a sense of humour and not to serious, honesty and integrity are more important to me than status or wealth,travel would be a good asset to our relationship,not religious or judgemental, well presented and financially independent. About me: I work at a Hotel , I have 3children not living at home, I love nature, and am easygoing. I would love to travel more, it's a great learning tool, family, friends are important to me. My Interests: Music, sport, travel, cooking, I enjoy staying home and am content with the simple things in life, nature is a highly respected aspect to my happiness. I love watching, footy and cricket esp test cricket , I keep fit , and look after myself. I like to read biographies, and find humans really fascinating What I am looking for: Im looking for someone who is comfortable within themselves, confident and funny, beautiful on the inside, looking for someone to share new experiences with and explore things we have not yet discovered Someone who loves to laugh and is not afraid to try new things, someone who is affectionate, someone who knows what they like About me: Hi, I am a single mum to a teenager. Love being outdoors and having a good chat with people of different backgrounds... I work full time and whilst I love my job, I enjoy my free time by doing something different, whether it's walking on the beach listening to the crunch of sand under my feet and crushing of waves, or curling on the couch in front of the fire and looking at the flames or just chilling by watching a good drama or reading a book. My Interests: I love good food, love walks, reading , travelling, learning about new things. Enjoy rock and pop music, love History documentaries and movies. In my free time love going to the beach. I enjoy going oit from time to time but enjoy spending time at home too. Like to have a good laugh at fun things in life... What I am looking for: i am looking for a down to earth, independant, honest, fun, loving woman to share a loving relationship filled with honesty, happiness, compassion, warmth, humour and knows when to be serious and when to have a down right good laugh. A person who is a goal getter or at least dosnt give up and gives their 100 percent. That they want to be in a fullfilling relationship which takes two to make it work, to grow old together and enjoy life for all it is and can be. To be themself in honesty. About me: I am very artistic and creative, warm, positive and have a good sense of humour, i can laugh at myself and enjoy good conversation. Im down to earth and value my friends. Im affectionate, funny, loving, dedicated, caring and that secret question we all ask but dont always write is the bedroom for me is for fun with dark secrets not just vanilla play. My Interests: im artistic, i enjoy sculpting and craft. I love icehockey, watch netflix and enjoy a good mystery. I enjoy being at home snuggling on the couch with a good bottle of whatever i feel and a nice cheese, fresh fruit platter and chocky of course. I have alot of interests but the best way to find out what im like is meet me. What I am looking for: I am kind person who loves to have fun times. Someone Looking for easy going company. Just a low key person looking for someone to catch up with no fuss or drama. Not after any commitments in anyway, just someone to go fishing or to the beach with. Just as long as your not a serial killer. Similar interests is a bonus but I do like someone who has passion for something even if i'm not passionate about that thing its nice to hear passion from your perspective. What I am looking for: Chemistry right? Everyone says so but it's intangible. A happy smile, raised eyebrow and a cheeky comment over a glass of wine or coffee can be the start of something good. A good conversationalist helps along with a bright outlook and happy disposition, I'm not a smoker but not pedantic about it either, so it's not a breaker unless you only stop to light up another one, no thanks. I'm attracted to happy, confident people, and yes to most things others want. Let's meet and talk about it. About me: I'm fortunate to be a happy semi retired professional, owned business 25 yrs now sold to my best customer! Tall, reasonably fit and healthy Generous and compassionate, hate to see social injustice. I prefer 5 star to camping, roughing it is having to walk down the hall to the bathroom LOL Kidding My Interests: Enjoy cooking, my friends and guests often compliment me. Love tennis and skiing, Used to play basketball when younger even ice hockey in my teens. Reading, movies and live concerts. Everything from the London Symphony to Phil Collins, old classic rock like the Moody Blues, even ELO. Part time wannabe pilot flying my friend's light aircraft when time and the weather allows What I am looking for: my ideal partner would have to be reasonably slim not overweight. I don't like woman who are loud, im looking for a nice calm loving woman. My Interests: I like nrl, racing camping fishing travelling eating out and good movies. What I am looking for: I'm looking for a man who is honest, sincere, faithful and treats a woman with respect. He must love animals. Must want a a permanent relationship eventually. Would be great if you have a good sense of humor. About me: I'm a honest, sincere, faithful person with a good sense of humor. I am very family orientated and love animals. I enjoy spending time going out or a cuddle and good movie at home. I love going for walks. I like to spend quality time with my partner. I care for my 6r old grandson, but he goes to his Dad's weekends and school holidays. What I am looking for: Chatty, unselfish person. Love people and hope you do as well. Love physical affection eg hugging. Must be dicrete as family I'm living with would not approve of what I'm doing on this site. Would love to meet someone who is not selfish nor a complainer venting does not count as complaining. Very honest person hate lieing because trust is very important to me. And I have run out of things to say so if there is anything you wanna know feel free to ask me. Also not just looking for fun so I would love getting to know you My Interests: I like savory foods sour and bitter things are amazing. Do a lot of woodwork though have done some metal work. Hands on person learn best by doing things. Have a very high value for honesty What I am looking for: She should be caring,sweet,understanding and honest. She should be the opened minded type and she should be romantic and very ambitious also. She should be ready to be a better woman with me, and I don't want a woman who's scared to be adventurous. I want someone that wants to live and love and be loved back. I love traveling as well just to see different places and taste different foods and I forgot to let you all know that I love cooking and I finds joy in it..... Lol My Interests: I love Chinese food and I also love country musics. I love reading as well and I enjoy swimming because it helps me to feel relax and makes me think well and gives my body the perfect glowing I wanna see in my body. I love watching sports and also getting myself involved in it, I love traveling and love driving fast cars..... Lol What I am looking for: Someone who has an open mind willing to share in some of my interests as I will in hers Loving and affectionate with a good sense of humour I would prefer a lady who is still working or at least be financially comfortable Don't get me wrong I am a generous guy and love nothing but spoiling my lady About me: I grew up in Sydney south with great parents and one brother Played many sports as a kid After leaving school school obtained a draughtmans cert. Someone who is keen to get out and do stuff, but who also doesn't mind some quiet time together. Someone who doesn't mind it when the kids need me. Someone who isn't after commitment right now but who is prepared to give a bit of time and see where this takes us. About me: I'm a public servant, recently separated with 2 kids who live with me 50% of the time. I am an honest person and I'm not interested in stuffing people around or being stuffed around. I'm not ready to commit to another serious relationship yet, although I'm open to that changing with the right person. My Interests: I love eating out and would love to have someone to share that with. I also need to loose some weight, so someone who wouldn't mind going for walks or other social low-pressure exercise would be great. I wouldn't mind going to see movies I'd prefer to see some movies that aren't kids movies for a change :-. In my own time I read, or spend too much time on my computer. What I am looking for: I would like to meet an interesting and nice person. Currently I am not seeking for something serious and committing straight away, but assume that relations can develop over time. I want a woman to talk to, spend time with, have fun now and then. One who would respect and may be share my interests as I would respect hers. I like girls of medium body shape with nice smile and kind eyes : About me: I am not a boring person that lives by strict rules, though I respct and like order. I want to have fun and enjoy life as long as it does not hurt others. I have a permanent job, work in It field. It is easy to get along with me as long as you are positive and not very demanding : My Interests: I like good movies, enjoy nature a lot, like long drives. Like cooking and tasty food: both simple and fancy. I do outdoor activities: hiking, climbing, camping, cycling. Want to try surfing. My musical interests lay aroud rock mainly. I love the world and want to explore and expand my experience. What I am looking for: Independent lady 65-75 years old, non smoker and light drinker with interest in travelling locally and overseas. A love of music and dancing and going out dinner. An interest in speedway would be nice. A honest and kind person with love in her heart. Licensed to drive car with caravan. My Interests: I enjoy going out to dinner with friends, going on picnics in the summer, also going to the movies. I enjoy traveling around Australia in my caravan and I hope to take cruises. I enjoy going for long drives and I love country music and I enjoy going dancing. I following the Speedway racing. What I am looking for: My ideal partner has to work he has to ride dirt bikes be covered in tattoos and of course shower me with gifts he must be nice to my friends but not too nice... I enjoy bbq s hanging out with friends I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and would like to meet someone that has the same interest. I like thin to medium sized bodies and they have to be ok with dogs and children. I would like someone who always made me feel special and was fun to be around. Family is also very important to me so I'd love to be with someone who got along with them! What I am looking for: Someone that know how to treat there man with respect and is loyal. Someone that i find attractive because attention is everything to me. I realy want to find someone that is easy to get along with. And someone that likes the idear of going around Australia with me one day. I hope to here from you soon. About me: Well i like a lot of things in life. Most of all is that i would realy likecto find someone i can be happily in love with. Someone that i look forward to finishing work and to come home too. I work fulltime for hinterland Toyota and i have a 2 year old boy. So if your interested feel free to chat sometime im all ears. What I am looking for: I would like to find someone who sees their partner as an equal who they like to share hopes and dreams and work together for a better future, someone who enjoys affection and spending time together doing something or doing nothing but also happy to to do your own thing at times. Likes to go out sometimes but not an overriding part of life About me: Im a hard working person, independent but looking for someone to be equal in so many aspects of my life, respectful, honest and able to enjoy time together not wanting to party all night but enjoy varied interests and quite times. I enjoy long drives with photography a large part of enjoying my interests. Exploring so many interesting areas within driving distance from home but also much further when time such as holidays permit. Lots more but to much to add here right now What I am looking for: Looking hopefully for a local discrete woman. A kind patient woman who wished to feel a lady again. One who is in control of emotions, especially her tongue, as I am. One who enjoys a coffee n a chat. Someone who enjoys physical contact as love to hug n feel you close. Hopefully she will enjoy a massage as give a fair one. About me: I am a witty, humorous happy, contagious with a wacky sense of humour. Can talk the talk, plus walk the walk on a great many subjects. Love camping, bush walking, photography, working with my hands on repairing inventing things, but am a deep thinker too. Difficult to keep adding stuff as others don't require 50 words What I am looking for: My lady will be beautiful and wise. She will be ready to devote her self to me as I am ready to devote to her. She will be independent, strong at heart and nurturing, my lady will be able to go camping one day and dress for dinner the next. If she smokes cigarettes, she will want to quit in good time for our health. She will drink alcohol moderately and we will drink till we are happy together I am a social drinker if that my lady will be feminine, I like femininity. My lady will know how to cook and we will cook and keep an organised and tidy house house. My lady will look fabulous and together we will support each other through good times and bad, my lady will be happy she chose me. About me: I'm a quiet sort of a guy that enjoys staying in shape, I live in the best place in W. I'm seperated with two teen children that live with their mother and now I live alone and it's starting to feel good. I've been with the same woman for over 20 years and never cheated, and all up I've been with 3 women sex in my whole life. My Interests: I'm Portuguese by birth and their food has to be my favorite next to Italian, I like to be active just as much as staying home. I'm looking for a special someone to be my lady who I will treat with kindness and respect. I'm also a romantic at heart so my lady will be my hobby and my spare time will go to her, be for her, she will be so wonderful. Profile Requirements The sign-up process requires members to describe various attributes about themselves including their personality, interests as well as hobbies and other lifestyle activities. The sign-up process on Oasis Active Australia also requires members to choose from a set of multiple choice selections that best outline their ideal partner or companion. After completion of the above details, users can then access the website facilities and search for suitable matches. Users email addresses and uploaded files may also be shared by other parties partnering with Oasis Active. Members do however, have the option to opt out and retain full privacy of their personal information. User Experience The search criteria is quite broad and standard across the online dating sector. The research functionality allows members to filter search results by distance, location and kilometers. The one main advantage the Oasis Active dating network can offer its members is that there are lots of members on the site. Oasis Active is partially owned and backed by the Ten Network of Australia.
  86. I am eager to try new things and see new elements. Love science, renovating, exploring new places and laughing at life. He must love animals. If she smokes cigarettes, she will want to quit in good time for our health. I like girls of medium body shape with nice smile and kind eyes : About me: I am not a civil person that lives by strict rules, though I respct and like order. Exploring Canberra is interesting to me as most of it is new. What I am looking for: I would like to meet a man that is honest, hardworking, sincere.

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