Some weirdness and conflict

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  11. By going to 4kegs, it showed that I wasn't just going to sit around and wait on her like an AFC would. I was going to have a good time, with or without her. She literally called me to whine about how I wasn't at my apartment. I made her wait on me this time (until I finished my beer). This firmly places me in the position of power. Finesse was with a girl, so when I invited him over, I didn't want the girl he was with to know that he would later be meeting us to hang out with other women, so I used the names of guys instead of the names of girls.
  13. We meet up with the girls (Rob, this time she showed up with a good looking blonde friend) at my apartment and play a couple of games of beerpong. During the entire time I initiated kino, and she mirrors. We end up slapping each others asses all night, and she kept grabbing me. She tells me that I'm hot.
  15. By this point, I know that I'm in, so I don't have to try to force anything. Now I know you're saying "What make syou think she wasn't joking/being playful when she called you hot?" It's because I know that she is a harsh girl and perfectly honest. If you're ugly, she will say it out loud (she did this to another guy).
  17. It never crosses Dans mind to hook the friend ASAP, because he thought they'd be staying for another hour or two like I said they did last night. Finesse and Mark show up. It's getting late (around 3:30AM), so the girls decide to leave. A quick hug and kiss from the girl with the piercing, and they go. Dan shoots himself in the foot for not making a move on the blonde earlier.
  19. This is why i get the phone # ASAP. You never know when the girl may be interrupted or have to leave. You can game her and talk to her all night long, but make sure you get that number ASAP so you have a means of hooking up later. I pointed to my face, like a man, and the girl complied by kissing me. I also teased by giving her a friendly pat on the back when we hugged. She knew exactly what kind of hug that was and pretended to be shocked.
  21. I then bullshitted with the guys for a little while, passed out, woke up and went to my 9:30 Physics class. End of FR.
  23. I've officially left The Ohio Lair. So here are a few of my posts to give you an idea of how I developed and got where I am. In here, you'll see a few previously unposted stories, as well as a few posts about game. These posts are YEARS old:
  25. Intro? I live on the OSU campus, along with the other three guys. I like to develope my own techniques, instead of always following what the gurus suggest. It keeps my material fresh, and guarantees that the woman hasn't heard or seen what I've done before.

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