The Forgotten

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  1. I was pretty surprised to see that nobody's ever attempted to create an English translation of Theodor Fritsch's Handbuch der Judenfrage, one of the most popular books from the 3rd Reich so I decided to do it myself. Anyways, I've now completed a full English translation and was wondering if anyone knew a good publishing house that would carry this book. I've tried Antelope Hill but I don't think it really fits the type of books they usually deal with.
  2. The book is an excellent introduction and resource to the JQ, even today. Also, compared to other, more dense Germanic literature (see H.S. Chamberlain, Rudolf Steiner, Alfred Rosenberg, et al.) the literary style and composition of this book doesn't have those long, run-on passages, instead, it's written to appeal to the broad masses, which in this case were early 20th century Germans, providing for just an excellent, page-turning read (as do most of Theodor Fritsch's works).
  3. Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated, frens!

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