How do you make dating more fun?

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  10. I don’t remember other guys being interested in girls or talking to or about girls too much in elementary school, but the next event that stands out to me was in 4th grade.  I was absent from school one day because I was sick or something, but then when I got back the next day, I remember my friends telling me that this girl in our class said I was cute the other day at recess.  ”So-and-so likes you, she thinks your cute.”   It wasn’t just like that though, they actually made fun of me and gave me a hard time about it.  I denied it, “no she doesn’t, I’m not cute.  She doesn’t like me.”  I really didn’t want her to like me, so I came up with a plan.  One day I picked my nose right in front of her and tried to hand her my booger, it was an attempt to gross her out, so she wouldn’t like me anymore.  I think it worked.
  12. Only, next year in 5th grade, I would live to regret it.
  14. 5th grade was the year girls starting growing breasts.  I remember me and my friends talking about which girls in our class were growing breasts, which girls were attractive.  We even started talking about sex for the first time.  I even read about it in an encyclopedia, to which I tried to share my knowledge with my friends at lunch, “yeah, I think once you’re inside you’re supposed to pee in her.”   “No!” one of my friends said, “you don’t pee in her!  Something else comes out, but it’s not pee!”  I was confused… what else could possibly come out of my penis besides pee?
  16. 5th grade was also the year girls starting going for the “bad boys”.  I hung around the “bad boys”.  One of my best friends in 5th grade was already selling weed and cocaine, and he had a pager, a gun under his mattress, and he would bring black markers to school and write graffiti on the bathroom walls in the bathroom.  He would also bring Playboy magazines to school in his backpack and we would all gather around his locker after school to get our glances of Anna Nicole Smith.  I hung out with him all of the time, but I never got involved with the drugs or anything.  I was too good and I was too scared of what my parents would do if they found out.
  18. Now, the girl who I grossed out by picking my nose in front of her so she wouldn’t like me anymore was blossoming.  She was growing breasts, and I thought she was beautiful now.  I went after her.  Got her phone number and talked to her on the phone a lot, but when I asked her out, she made me wait a week for her answer, which was eventually a “no”, and she wound up dating my friend, the “bad boy.”
  20. Him and I remained good friends, but I didn’t get over it quickly.  There were other cute girls in my school in 5th grade, but I didn’t want any of them.  I wanted her, and I couldn’t have her.  (She would later go on to get pregnant and have a baby by the time we were in 7th grade, and to my knowledge no one has really heard from her since…)
  22. The rejection hurt.  And it stuck with me.

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