The Forgotten

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  1. [quote=andigot1ne]fok jannies[/quote]"amirite, guizee? hehe"
  2. Also you...[quote=andigot1ne]Jannies halp!! shitshitshit! sound the alarms! I'm freal this time, honest![/quote] [quote=Janny #8,375, 246](*tired sigh...*) What is it this time, Bland1...[/quote][quote=andigot1ne]OK so-- hey!! s-stop calling me that!! i'm ded ass, guys! I told you all like a millio--nevermind...ahem,,,, 'andigot1ne's teh name, filing baseless reports of racism's my game!' At your service, here to report a possible sighting of post-ironic, edgelord-variety racism activity underway over in Sector 7PT! 2nd page, can't miss it. last know bump occurred @ approx. 0900. No MT' s as of YET. Our perp's been under PT LE radar for quite some time... Also--[/quote][quote=Janny #8,375, 246](*tired sight...*) holy fuck...STFU and just fukin point to the guy already, ffs...christ on a stick, does he do the jingle every fkin time, too??
  3. MOM!? god dammit... HEY MA?!!? Where tf did you put my b& hammer when you were cleaning the other day...[/quote][quote=Janny #8, 375,246's Mom]EXCUSE ME!?! WHERE DID [i]I[/i] PUT YOUR STUPID BAN HAMMER, YOUNG MAN?! WHERE DID I PUT IT??! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RN?! YOU KNOW WHAT, YOUR FATHER WAS RIGHT, YOU [i]ARE[/i] A FUCKING LOSER & IT'S YOUR FAULT HE LEFT US; NOW PACK YOUR SHIT AND GET TF OUTTA MY HOUSE...NOW, ASSHOLE.[/quote]
  4. andigot1ne's actions have destroyed countless jannie fammies... You Judt hate to see it happen but alas...

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