Post-Divorce Jealousy can stem from a few things.

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  9. When I did, it was still just the starting point. I could rebuild the walls between us faster than he could take them down. We took two steps forward and one back for a fair while.
  11. Within a year or so I came to realise that I had to act submissive even when I didn't feel it. Sort like when you sit down to do a job that you really don't want to do. You get into the rhythm of the work and before you know it the job is half done. Act submissive by doing one thing and the next thing you are asked to do isn’t so difficult.
  13. So even though I may not feel like doing what I am told, and I very often don’t, I am quicker to obey these days because I know that ultimately it will be for my own good if I do. It will be for my good, for his satisfaction, and for the benefit of our relationship. How many more ways can a person win?
  15. It is ironic that to learn to submit and obey we must first learn to guide ourselves, to discipline ourselves, in accepting someone else’s authority. This is really hard if you are at all like me and a rebel at heart.
  17. At least now when MB says ‘sit,’ I know longer say ‘why?’ or ‘who’s going to make me?’ He said it for a reason and he cares for and protects me like no one else ever has. I trust him to have a good reason for his demands.
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