The Forgotten

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  1. What was the Lavon Affair?
  2. What was the Apollo Affair?
  3. What was the King David Hotel Bombing?
  4. Who were the "Dancing Israel¡s?"
  5. What was the USS L¡berty?
  6. Who was Jacob Rubinstein--better known by his g0.y name: "''Jack Ruby"""?
  7. How many bullets did Sirhan Sirhan fire?
  8. Has Israel signed the NPT?
  9. Is AIPAC is accordance with the FARA Act?
  10. What is the Beit HaM¡kdash?
  11. What does the TaImud say about Jesus Christ?
  12. According to autopsy reports, how many people died as a direct result of Zyk0n--B. poisoning?
  13. Did Au5chw¡tz have a soccer team, swimming pool, post office, canteen, brothel, orchestra, on-site hospital+nursery, and movie screenings?
  14. How many babies did Stanislawa Leszczynska deliver as a midwife in Auschw¡tz?
  15. Were they gas chambers, or deIous¡ng chambers to fight off outbreaks of Typhus?
  17. Also...
  18. _>E'JURSA FRUUUUUU!!!_
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