{FutureX} Far Cry 6 [v1.1.0] Trainer (Plus +22)

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  1. {FutureX} Far Cry 6  [v1.1.0] Trainer (Plus +22)
  5. ___Hotkeys & Effects____
  6. HOME            Active Trainer
  8. Numpad1         Infinite Health
  9. Numpad2         Infinite Stamina
  10. Numpad3         Infinite Ammo
  11. Numpad4         Infinite Grenades
  12. Numpad5         No Reload
  13. Numpad6         No Recoil
  14. Numpad7         Super Accuracy
  15. Numpad8         No Overheat
  16. Numpad9         No Cooldown
  17. Numpad0         Player: Super Speed
  18. Ctrl+Number1    Player: Super Jump
  19. Ctrl+Number2    Unbreakable Fishing Line
  20. Ctrl+Number3    Super Damage
  21. Ctrl+Number4    One Hit Kill
  22. Ctrl+Number5    Stealth Mode
  23. Ctrl+Number6    Infinite Crafting
  24. Ctrl+Number7    Infinite Syringes
  25. Ctrl+Number8    Infinite Turrets
  26. Ctrl+Number9    Mega Money (10x)
  27. Ctrl+Number0    Infinite Money
  28. Ctrl+F1         Game: Super Speed
  29. Ctrl+F2         Game: Bullet Time
  35. Enjoy!
  40. _________ DOWNLOAD ________________
  41. http://gestyy.com/eplXlk
  48. _-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__
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