The Return Of The Single American Cockblock

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  14. Shuttlesworth and I had another set we opened up on Saturday that went pretty well.
  16. We opened them in the street.  They were from out of town and were only down here for the weekend.  Only problem is, they were both 20, so we couldn’t bounce them to a bar.  There’s a couple of 18+ places around, but they charge cover, and I’m not really trying to have to pay a cover just to bounce a chick somewhere.
  18. We talk to them for a little bit on the street corner where we opened them, then we bounce them down the street, just walking together, but we wind up just chilling on another street corner.  (Ingenuity at it’s finest, ehh?)
  20. Anyway, the chick I’m talking literally mentions how much she likes sex at least like 3 times during our conversation.  I notice it each time she says it, but I definitely refrain from getting or acting too excited.
  22. After awhile, they decide they want to go into this 18+ club.  Like I said, I’m not trying to pay cover, so we just settle for numbers. It’s still pretty early in the night, but when she gives me her number she tells me that her phone is off, but to just text her and she’ll be able to respond when she gets back to where she’s staying (a friend’s apartment in town).
  24. Later on in that night, after my other set got cockblocked hard, and none of my other sets seemed too promising.  I text her on the way home.  Actually first, I try to get Shuttlesworth to call her friend, the one who’s phone is still on.  ”No, I’m not calling her.  I told her to call me, if she doesn’t listen, then she failed my first test.”
  26. “Bro, she’s not going to call you, just call her.”
  28. “No, she can call me if she wants to.  I’m not calling her.”
  30. I don’t know why he’s tripping.  Fuck it, I text my chick.  She texts me back and asks me what I’m up to, I tell her I’m back at the crib, “sipping on some champagne.”  We banter back and forth through a couple of text messages, then I invite her to come by “drink champagne and watch a movie with me”.
  32. She texts back and asks me where I live, I give her a general area, I figured if she asks more specifically I’d give her the address, but I wasn’t just going to throw it out there like that.  I’m trying to not look too desperate, letting her know I’m down to fuck, but if it doesn’t happen it’s no skin off my back – that’s the frame I’m trying to maintain throughout.
  34. She texts me back, “Im not gonna even lead you on.  I cant do anything tonight im on my period but Im down to talk you are hot n I’ll be back.”
  36. Damn.  I think about how to counter that shit, I honestly wouldn’t care about her being on her period too much, I mean… I’ve fucked plenty of chicks while they were on their period.  That’s not really an excuse to me.
  38. Again, trying to keep my frame of I’m down but not desperate, I respond with, “Lol.  Oh ok.  That’s fine, I would say I don’t care, we could hop in the shower or put a towel down or something lol.  But that’s cool… holla at me next time ur in town.”

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